Helga Kluiter

Solar Fake

Surf’s up!



  1. Sick of You
  2. I Despise You
  3. Reset to Default
  4. This Pretty Life
  5. Under Control
  6. All The Things You Say
  7. Not What I Wanted
  8. Es geht dich nichts an
  9. Papillon (Editors cover)
  10. It’s Who You Are
  11. The Pain That Kills You Too
  12. Observer

Sadly, for personal reasons Andre Feller couldn’t be there at Amphi, but his stand-in was a familiar face for everyone who’s ever gone to a concert in this scene, I guess: Elliot Berlin, from Combichrist. Apparently he had about a week to practise all the songs, and he didn’t miss a note during the show – not even during his round of crowdsurfing. 😀

Now if you’ve never crowdsurfed: it is a lot of fun to do (I did it a couple of times when I was waaaaaay younger), but I can’t imagine doing it while playing an instrument … And being back JUST in time for the ending of the song. Awesome timing!

Anyway, the show was great (as usual) and energetic (it wasn’t yet too hot to dance on Saturday). And being a bit more to the side gave me the opportunity to shoot a bit more action with the crowd.