Helga Kluiter

Letzte Instanz

Getting the party started



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Finally, after two years of waiting, Amphi Festival 2020 – by now Amphi 2022 – took place. For me that meant kicking off with Letzte Instanz on the main stage.

To be honest, I never really care much for Letzte Instanz studio albums, but they are such a wonderful live band! I already had a sort of preview before during Solar Fake’s Sedated tour, during which Benni Cellini and Rico Schwibs played cello and violin. But seeing them with their ‘own’ band is even better.

As usual the string duo run around barefoot all the time and I’m always hoping there are no sharp objects on the stage… Every band member, from singer Holly Loose to drummer Andy Horst, kept the audience partying. Had a lot of fun and it was a great warm-up for Solar Fake. 😉