Helga Kluiter


Coming Up anniversary tour



Set 1: Coming Up
  1. Trash
  2. Filmstar
  3. Lazy
  4. By the Sea
  5. She
  6. Beautiful Ones
  7. Starcrazy
  8. Picnic by the Motorway
  9. The Chemistry Between Us
  10. Saturday Night
Set 2
  1. Outsiders
  2. To the Birds
  3. We Are the Pigs
  4. Can’t Get Enough
  5. It Starts and Ends With You
  6. The 2 of Us
  7. The Wild Ones
  8. So Young
  9. Metal Mickey
  10. Animal Nitrate
  11. Life Is Golden

On 21 April 1997 I saw my then-favourite band Suede at Vredenburg in Utrecht. I had won tickets and a meet and greet (boy was I nervous!). Almost exactly 25 years later and at pretty much the same venue (TivoliVredenburg has since become a lot bigger, with multiple stages) I got to see them again.

The concert was of course postponed due to Covid and luckilty the venue was changed from Amsterdam to Utrecht. On a Monday night. The good thing was that there was no support act and the end time was quite early, so I could still catch a train AND the last bus home. Damn, We were So Young, but I guess we’re getting old. 😀

Photos and video all shot with a Sony RX100 VA compact camera.