Helga Kluiter


And now I’m finally home again



  1. Avatars
  2. Patchwork
  3. Defcon
  4. Last Minute
  5. Horizons
  6. Das Meer
  7. Gasoline
  8. Advance
  9. Panes of Glass
  10. Prozac Junkies
  11. Sensation
  12. Synthesize Me
  13. The Minimum
  14. Child of Entertainment
  15. Said but True
  16. Kein Mord

About a week before the Diorama gig at ‘our home away from home’ Kulttempel in Oberhausen, it was announced by the German authorities that pretty much all covid measures would be lifted – including for clubs and concert. Meaning that we wouldn’t have to stress anymore about getting tested, proof of vaccination or wearing face masks while singing and dancing. Great!

The only hurdle towards Oberhausen was there were no trains running that weekend. So that meant a 2,5 hour bus ride (mind you, not a touring car but a regular city bus) from Arnhem to Oberhausen Hbf. But we survived. 😛

When we arrived at Kulttempel it was soooo wonderful to see the same familiar faces again that we hadn’t been able to see for so long! <3 Waiting for the doors to open never seemed to go faster because we had so much fun.

I was standing alsmost dead center against the stage. Maybe not the best place to take photos, but definitely the best place to breathe fresh air and dance! I really loved hearing the ‘new’ songs live, but for me the biggest surprise was actually how emotional Said But True (I just realised the album Pale was released over 20 years ago …) made me feel. Just wow!

Another memorable moment was Torben taking Babs DMBabette’s camera to add something extra to the video. 😀 You can see the result on her YouTube channel. What it looked like from our perspective you can watch below.