Helga Kluiter

Solar Fake

Shadowplay Event: Who You Are 2021



  1. I Don’t Want You in Here
  2. Not What I Wanted
  3. The Pages
  4. Join Me in Death (HiM cover)
  1. Fuck U (Archive cover)
  2. Under Control
  3. Reset To Default
  4. Creep (Radiohead cover)
  5. All The Things You Say
  6. I Don’t Want You In Here
  7. This Pretty Life
  8. Such a Shame (Talk Talk cover)
  9. You Need the Drugs (WestBam cover)
  10. Invisible
  11. Gods & Monsters (Lana Del Rey cover)
  12. I’d Rather Break
  13. Implode
  14. Not What I Wanted
  15. Es geht dich nichts an
  16. More Than This
  17. The Pain That Kills You Too
  18. It’s Who You Are
  19. Observer
  20. Sick of You
  21. One Step Closer (Linkin Park cover)
  22. I Despise You
  23. Stay
  24. Papillon (Editors cover)
  25. Where Is My Mind? (Pixies cover)
  26. Where Are You
  27. Wish Myself Away

My first concert since February 2020!