Helga Kluiter


“The band that cancelled Amphi”



  1. What You Do To Me
  2. Daydream
  3. On The Run
  4. Conformity Loves Company
  5. Get It On
  6. Die Of Temptation
  7. Lower Than This (Someday)
  8. Something Durable

It was a bit of a shock for some people to open their Facebook timelines and see that Amphi was “cancelled”. Just goes to show that one should never trust the Zuck. Apparently it’s possible for one band of many performing during an event to cancel the entire festival, when in fact they only cancel their own attendance…

So, let’s forget about the whole “the band that cancelled Amphi” thing and just move on to more important things: music! Because after the initial confusion Seadrake did play Amphi on Sunday, on the Theatre Stage, including a guest performance by Florian Grey during Someday. And I took some pictures (what else is new?). Enjoy!