All of these pictures were taken in Burgers Bush, a tropical rainforest hall (and official botanical garden) in Burgers Zoo, with a very diverse range of flora and fauna from the African, American and Asian tropics.

Rays of light

So it was a real treat when recently I woke up to mist slowly clearing up in the sunlight.

Pretty birds

Birds are always so wonderful: they hardly ever sit still, are intelligent, come in all colours and sizes and kind of look like little dinosaurs. What’s not to like?

Through the desert

Deserts can be desolate places, but they have their own beauty to them. Just when you think it’s empty, you discover it is full of life. You only have to know where to look.


Pictures take in the Mangrove of Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands. The mangrove in this hall is modelled after the wild mangrove forests in Belize.

“Satanische bak ellende”

Floor Jansen @ PAARD Den Haag

First concert of 2020, Floor Jansen (from Nightwish) solo in The Hague. What a phenomenal singer and performer she is! And what a difference compared to the first time I saw her perform, supporting HIM in Amsterdam in the year 2000. I actually shed a tear during Strong and another one during Our Decades In The Sun. And then […]

And yet it’s not enough

In the category ‘First World Problems’: schedule clashes! Luckily the clash wasn’t too bad. We just had to leave Faderhead a bit earlier than we would have wanted to secure our front row spot with Coma Alliance at the Theatre Stage. Earlier this year, the Coma Alliance concert in Oberhausen (my first concert of the […]

No bullshit!

This was my first Faderhead show ever. What can I say? The atmosphere was so positive and energetic! Two kids in front of me were jumping the whole time, making me wonder what they put in their water. Definitely want to see this again.