We had decided that Saturday would be our day at Amphi to take it easy, because Call The Ship To Port the night before was sure to be exhausting. It was, in a good way 😉 After the Solar Fake signing session (we were first in the queue, because we had checked the weather radar and rain was approaching) we went to the Orbit stage (the MS Rheinenergie) to find a nice place out of the rain. We ended up watching Pink Turns Blue – with the best soundcheck I have ever heard – and L’Âme Immortelle.

Many years ago we interviewed Sonja Kraushofer about her project Persephone for a Dutch underground magazine and I’ve been a fan ever since. So it was cool to finally see her live with L’Âme Immortelle. Also hats off to the drummer for his stick action, which was a show in itself! 😛